Crossing the threshold of the monastery today :

A time of mutual understanding, and of training.
An initial approach is proposed through various meetings and training courses.
The four stages of monastic initiation each includes a personal initiative and a community decision :

The postulancy :

The postulant enters the Novitiate House which is the training location for the first five years. Postulancy is a time of discovery and getting used to each other which lasts about one year.

The novitiate :

By receiving St Benedict’s Rule and the monastic habit, the postulant begins her novitiate which lasts about two years. It is a time of training and of conversion to fraternal life; a time of putting down roots in the monastic tradition.

The temporary profession :

At this stage, the novice takes the vows of stability, monastic conversion and obedience. These three vows are taken for three years and received by the Abbess. It is a period of integration in the community and of deepening of the life of faith and of prayer. The last year is spent in the community.

The solemn profession :

This is a public and Church commitment, during a Eucharist presided over by a bishop or the abbot of a monastery. By taking the monastic vows in the hands of the Abbess, the professed nun commits herself for good within the community. She then receives the psalter, the cowl and the ring.

When the Lord calls …
"Listen, my son, to the precepts of the Master and incline the ear of your heart." 
Thus begins the Rule of our Father St Benedict.
The ear of my heart opened on the day of my confirmation, with the help of the Holy Spirit. It enabled me to hear the Lord’s call which was not completely clear and which I even at first rejected. But there you are, when the Lord speaks to our heart, he always ends up making himself heard. Then I started out on my path of understanding.
At the end of the three weeks, it was clear, my heart was overflowing with happiness. I said to myself: "It is here that I will serve the Lord, in silence and prayer.".