Foundation Bonne Nouvelle

Founded by the Abbaye de Pradines, the Monastère de La Bonne Nouvelle was set up in 1962 at Bouaké, in the middle of the Ivory Coast, 350 kilometres north of Abidjan.
The plan was to give the Ivory Coast a place for the contemplative life according to St Benedict’s Rule.
As early as 1960, according to the wishes of the Pope and the call of the Bishop of Bouaké, prospection began. Study trips, searches for support and advice, enabled the project to be realised little by little. The first African women, anxious to study their call to monastic life, began to arrive.
Sister Générosa, already a nun in an active order, realised her desire for the contemplative life by joining the monastery in 1965.
Life there was organised with the welcoming of sessions, of “trainees”, of oblates, of Christians who frequented the church and the premises built to receive them.
 The Benedictine monastery put down roots in African life and culture, putting all the environment’s resources to good use.

The community is growing and currently has 19 sisters. In September 2002, it obtained from Rome the autonomy it had requested and elected for the first time its Prioress.
The monastery is now an independent Priory.
But the political events of September 2002 were to make the life of the community difficult, forcing it into exile for several months at Yamoussoukro. The community came out of these months of trials strengthened, and the sisters were even more unified. However, economic life remains difficult for the community, despite the various workshops: production of hosts, making of liturgical vestments, hen house, beehives, production of aloe-based syrups, soap making, etc. A dispensary was also set up to treat the surrounding populations.
In this difficult material context, any help is welcome to support the sisters.

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