The Oblates

Being a Benedictine oblate means living the Gospel day to day by being attached to a monastery.

Living the Gospel, in the way of St Benedict, in 21st century society and in connection with this community at Pradines, is the desire of Christians who, coming to the monastery, find there a source of spiritual life for their existence as men and women living in the heart of the world. Seekers after God, they discover that St Benedict’s Rule is not just for monks and cloistered nuns, but that it can also inspire lay people, whether single or married, looking for a way of living according to the Gospel day to day.

Engaged in family, professional, community, church life, they are sensitive to the thousand-year-old wisdom of this « very little Rule » which proposes seeking God through what is most human in man. By following its guidance, they find there the tools of a spiritual way consisting of listening to the Word of God, of searching for inner peace, of the taste for prayer and for work well done, of learning about self-sacrifice and of human relations, concern for the weakest...

While in their living environment, « Benedictine oblates » attest that the search for God makes people more human, they also remind the monastic community which welcomes them that this search makes it unified with any man.

The community at Pradines proposes each year to all of its oblates a lenten weekend and a summer preached retreat, open to lay people, as well as a « Sud-Oblats » weekend: a meeting between the oblates of the South of France.