By living St Benedict’s Rule day to day, the monastery is a place of peace and of silence where welcoming those who come is an integral part of the community’s life.


The day is punctuated by the community’s prayer; anyone is invited to join in.

We welcome, young people or adults, by themselves or in groups, to our house « La Vigne » …

  • a place for spiritual experience, reflection, prayer for a day, a weekend or a few days, with the possibility of meeting a sister from the community for listening, searching, understanding.
  • a place for welcoming and developing those who are preparing to receive a sacrament: baptism, confirmation, marriage...
  • a place and a time of freedom for organised groups who come to work, to reflect on their commitments by sharing in the community’s prayer: priests, pastoral leaders, couples, catechumens, oblates from the monastery…

« La Vigne » is a simple, welcoming facility with 27 bedrooms (including 7 for couples), with a library, two refectories. Silence is preferred in order to favour listening to the Word and attention to others. Meals are taken together. Other meeting rooms are available.

For young adults :
We invite them to have a strong Christian experience for a few days by sharing in our life: at the approach of Easter, or during holiday time, or according to your availability.

A young person may also wish to find out about monastic life for a few days, and ask to be helped to see things more clearly on a spiritual level.

As exams approach, we receive requests from girls or boys wishing to spend a few days of work punctuated with a time of prayer with the community.

For groups, as well as participating in the community’s times of prayer, there is the possibility of sharing in the work of the sisters, of exchanging with one or other... discovering together the Word of God.